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Continence products literacy.

Incontinence affects more than 5 million Australians, both men and women of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Therefore, helping people preserve their independence by providing effective continence aids and knowledge on continence products makes a huge difference!


We partner with individuals to improve lives, and we believe the best way to achieve this is to centre our services to what matters to them, supporting and encouraging their own goals and choices. We do this by being guided by our values of empowerment, comfort, quality and value.

We support you by not only providing you with products, but by sharing expertise, which is something much more valuable. We know that having the product is not merely enough; you need to know how to utilise it and ensure that it is providing you with all the benefits you need to live a healthy, comfortable and confident life!

With The Right Advice

Great Things Happen


Empowering Your Life
Know Your Product

  • Explore different products and their uses.

  • Continence product capacities and their importance

  • Exploring options, don’t be stuck.

  • Product performance and sustainability

  • Thinner products vs bulky products.

  • Continence products testing skills.

  • Cut costs on continence products

Explore different products and their uses

There are a variety of continence products in the market.  Meet with us to explore different products and gain skills on how to effectively use them.

Benefits of thinner products vs bulky products.

Know your options and never be stuck with one product.


Continence products capacities & their importance

Do you know that continence products have different capacities to hold output?

Learn about product capacities for different levels of incontinence.

Acquire knowledge of product performance and sustainability.

Continence products testing & skills

With the right skills, great things happen.

Be an expert, perform product testing on your own. 

See for yourself how continence products performance differs.

Scientist using microscope

Take back control and confidence

Having the right knowledge and skills about continence products improves social and emotional wellbeing.

Let us fight the stigma associated with incontinence. We are a community; let us be open to discuss it.

Here to support everyone

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Carers & Support workers


Care coordinators


We've Got Your Back

We only have one life to live, therefore incontinence should not get in the way of enjoying it. At QueSoft, we're here for you.

Main: 1800 187 478

General Inquiries: +61 466 637 546

Our Story


McQuel Healthcare began operations in 2022, initially with Continence Product design, import and supply. Incidentally, through discussion around continence products, it quickly became evident that there was a lack of knowledge around types of continence products, effective use of continence products, product specifications, health benefits, product performance and sustainability as well as supporting social and emotional wellbeing of clients.

Continence Products Literacy was developed to provide NDIS participants, aged care participants, nurses, carers, care coordinators, support workers and individuals with the skills and knowledge required when using continence products and the importance of using the right product.

With the gap identified, a team of continence product designers, nurses & social workers were formed to develop an educational program, specifically to meet the needs of people living with incontinence and their right to have a normal & healthy life.


Pricing Options

    • If applicable, please complete referral form before booking

    • Personalised online or in person one-on-one sessions

    • Online or in person group sessions

    • Home visits - in and around Adelaide only (travel costs apply)

    • Organisation visits including training and education for staff & residents - Australia wide (travel and accommodation costs apply)

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