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Our Sessions

The Continence Products Literacy educational program specifically developed for all participants and their carers.


If applicable, please complete referral form before booking

  • Personalised online or in person one-on-one sessions

  • Online or in person group sessions

  • Home visits - in and around Adelaide only (travel costs apply)

  • Organisation visits including training and education for staff & residents - Australia wide (travel and accommodation costs apply)

  • Available Online

    With the right skills, great things happen.

    1 hr 30 min

  • Available Online

    Let's grow together!

    2 hr

  • Available Online

    Building knowledge, building better workplaces.

    2 hr

Focusing on
what is important to you.

Personalised 1:1 Session OR Group interactive sessions online or in person.

We work with you to understand how continence products function, in line with the type of incontinence. Furthermore, we share our expertise, which is something much more valuable. We know that having the product is not merely enough; you need to know how to utilise it and ensure that it is providing you with all the benefits you need to live a healthy, comfortable and confident life!

The first hour is dedicated to discussing what you hope to achieve from the session, including your objectives and any concerns or obstacles you may be facing.

From there, we learn about the problems you encountered in order to determine what's crucial to you.

In two hours, you will learn about the following topics: 


Different Continence products and their uses.


​Continence product capacities and their importance.


Different product options, and not to be stuck on one product.


Product performance and sustainability.


Thinner products vs bulky products.


Continence products testing skills.


How to save money and cut costs on continence products.


Tailor made to cater for all incontinence issues.

Nurses, Continence Products Specialists, community care workers, and Allied Health professionals with more than ten years of experience collaborated to produce the content and engaging sessions for the Continence Product Literacy Program.

Product testing activities are a HUGE part of our programs because we believe learning should be enjoyable to promote participation and individual reflection.

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