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your product.

  • Explore different products and their uses.

  • Continence product capacities and their importance

  • Exploring options, don’t be stuck.

  • Product performance and sustainability

  • Thinner products vs bulky products.

  • Continence product testing skills.

  • Cut costs on continence products


Explore different products and their uses.

  • There are a variety of continence products in the market. 

  • Meet with us to explore different products and gain skills on how to effectively use them.

  • Benefits of thinner products vs bulky products.

  • Know your options and never be stuck with one product.


Continence product capacities & their importance.

Do you know that continence products have different capacities to hold output? Learn about product capacities for different levels of incontinence. Acquire knowledge of product performance and sustainability.


Continence product testing and skills.

  • With the right skills, great things happen.

  • Be an expert, and perform product testing on your own. 

  • See for yourself how continence products performance differs.


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Product literacy

We provide:

  • Personalised online or in-person one-on-one sessions

  • Online or in-person group sessions

  • Home visits in and around Adelaide only

  • Organisation visits, including training and education for staff and residents

If applicable, please complete referral form before booking.

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