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Feel the difference.

QueSoft thinner disposable pants and briefs are designed with consumers in mind, with all the comfort needed to live the best life possible.

Why do so many people choose QueSoft products over
our competitors?

Thin and Discreet

Very light and discreet, feels like normal underwear.

Highly absorbent

A highly effective acquisition distribution layer for fast absorbency and top dry technology to draw away moisture from the skin and maintain skin integrity.


Top dry technology to draw away moisture from the skin and maintain skin integrity.

Australian Designed

There is no middleman in the
design process, meaning we
are able to address the needs of our consumers directly.

Family Owned

As a family business, we care
about you and your needs,
and work to provide solutions
that address them.

Quality Assured

Our products each go through rigorous research and development, ensuring they are of the highest quality standard.

What our customers say

The thinner unisex adult products.

Our products are designed with incredible ingenuity and have exceptional absorbency with varying levels of capacity to cater for all types of incontinence, which surpasses adult continence products currently on the market. Apart from our high quality, durable and customer-orientated products, our core values of ensuring premium product quality and our ethos of prioritizing our customers to provide the best service, are what sets us apart from the rest!


Give them a try
for free!

We provide 2 free samples on all QueSoft products so you can try them and see which one works best for you!

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