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Single pack: 14 items                                             Capacity: 2100mL

Carton: 6 packs (84 items)

Super Medium Adult Pants

가격 옵션
1회 판매
Never Run Out
Recurring Shipments Weekly. Save 10%
AU$30.56(취소 전까지 매주 결제)
Never Run Out
Recurring Shipments. Monthly. Save 10%
AU$30.56(취소 전까지 매월 결제)
    • Thinner, light, and discreet under clothing
    • Very soft and comfortable

    • 3D leak-proof design with outer and inner leg cuffs

    • Non-woven material for a soft and comfortable feeling

    • Super absorbent core

    • Top dry technology to keep the skin dry

    • 360-degree elastic waist for proper fitting and comfort

    • Acquisition Distribution Layer for fast absorbency and even distribution

    • Cloth-like backsheet, for comfortability, odor lock-in, and textile feeling

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